7 Tips To Manage Your Time (Part I)

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We all have 24 hours every day, not more and not less. Managing your time simply means to manage your priorities, to live your life with meaning. Yet, life happens while we are making plans, right? With my workbook Time Management to Go –  5 Easy Steps to Quickly Crush It Every Day you probably have already created a solid foundation to live your life with more quality and a deeper sense of self-efficacy. If not, I invite you to download this free gift on my website www.ebonyfagbuyi.com so you too can continue designing your life.

Here are some simple and easy to apply tips to crush it in everyday life. 

  1. Develop a sense of when you have gathered enough facts and opinions to make a decision. Don't gather everything that is collectable, but only that information that is needed for a solid decision. Remember: "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
  2. Start and finish your meetings on time even if not everybody has arrived. Otherwise you soon can add another 20 minutes to your waiting time.
  3. Set routine work for fixed times: meet with my team every Monday at noon, read emails every day at 11am etc. 
  4. Keep your focus on the most important things. Reviewing the past, it's unlikely that you will say: "I wish I would have stayed longer on the telephone." or "If only I would have attended more meetings." 
  5. Be stingy with meetings. Whenever possible lead your business partners to align via phone call. Nothing is more time consuming when spending time on a journey to meet with people. Don't be afraid of isolation, there will still be enough meetings with coffee and small talk.
  6. Shall you give somebody a huge task, split it in actionable steps. Each step approx. one week. Call after one week and get an up-date. Help the other person to find solutions for fall backs. Be a coach not a bad conscious. 
  7. Handle routine jobs with a liability to mental dullness, such as making appointments, checking costs and routine paper work, within your lowest performance phase of your biorhythm. That might be between 1:30pm and 3:30pm. At the end of your working day start something challenging!

Which of the above resonated with you personally? Take it and make the best out of your day. There are plenty of tips where these came from and I am eager to share them all with you over the course of time. 

You have some great tips to share with the world? Awesome! Leave a comment with your most impactful time management tip. #growwithEbony


Ebony Fagbuyi