Empowerment : the elixir of the 21st century



Break out, plug in! Revive hope.

My passion is bringing clarity, establishing connectedness, and creating conducive environments. Therefore I am on a mission to enrich people’s lives with significance, quality and freedom. I follow the dream to connect people with their inner selves, others and their environment.


Enhancing your self-leadership: breakthroughs, empowerment clarity and effective leadership to become more confident and victorious.  

Explore your true self, design your life and achieve your goals according to what’s truly important to you. As we work together, you’ll enjoy long-term results and your own significance.


A new mentality

Statistics say, a child hears the word “no” more than 400 times every day. Scarcity thinking and a victim mentality are deeply rooted in all of us, even in a trainer or a coach. I stand by you with over 19 years experience in mental reprogramming. to teach you the power of a victor & abundance mentality.

From theory to action

Knowledge alone won't take you where you want to go. Helping you understand by transforming theoretical concepts into your daily life brings clarity and personal transformation. This combines universal laws, mental power, spiritual being, and physical ability.

Creating results

Most people create results based on the mainstream thinking that life happens to us. This is working from the outside in. I help you learn to act from the inside out by developing your mental skills, self-efficacy and confidence.


How do you measure success? Most people would say, by tangible results. Yet, even high achievers feel discontent at times. Together we transform your success into a sense of meaning that will carry throughout the rest of your life. Turn success into significance. 


“Live by Design.”

Ebony Fagbuyi  |  Founder